What Do I Pack

If you are  first time mom, you may be tempted to pack the whole diaper caddy and kitchen sink too!  

Honestly, you really need less than you think.  You also need to consider where you are going.  A quick trip to the grocery store may not require more than just a diaper or two and wipes.  if you are going on a long car ride or a full day out of the house, then you will obviously need more!  

Another thing to keep in mind is how old is your child.  My newborns were changed far more frequently than my almost one year old!  In general, a diaper per hour is a safe bet.  Unless you have a newborn, who ends up soiling the clean diaper just as you are changing that little bum!  

Other than wipes, a hand sanitizer and some kind of changing mat Are two other good basics to have on hand.  I actually like to also carry diaper flats.  They are fantastic because they can also double as a diaper!  They have saved me on a few occasions when my foggy brain forgot to replenish the diapers in the diaper bag and I found myself out and about with only a clean diaper flat in the bag!  

if you are nursing, a cover of some sorts is handy to have.  For bottle feeding, I just brought the empty not the, the powder I needed with that little scoop and bottle water.  

for newborns, I would bring a change of clothes for longer trips but when my children were in the toddler stage, I stooped bringing a change of clothes.  Children will get messy!  As long as it wasn't pee or poop, my kids did not need to change their clothes.  

Other than that, my other extra items would be a hair tie, lip balm and some cash.  

Really think about where you going and while it is easier to just bring everything you think you might need, you will quickly get loaded down!  for long trips, you might to consider pre-stocking the car with other needed items, and that also fres up space in your bag.  Happy packing!